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Six-Man Tag match headlines card

Six-Man Tag match headlines card

American Champioonship Wrestling returns to Rocky Mount at the National Guard Armory this Saturday night, June 5 and will feature the return of one of Franklin County's own.

In the main event, Big Yella returns from a severe back injury to team with former ACW tag champions Jamie and Tony Wright to battle current tag champions Scott Weddle, "The Legendary" Eclipso and their manager Douglas J Wentworth III Esq. Wentworth has no competed as a wrestler in over a year and is upset about being placed in this match.
"It is a big conspiracy. The Wrights and that "Big Yella Chicken" have paid someone off to get me in the match. I am not a wrestler and I do not play one on TV," Wentworth said.
"I've been waiting to get revenge for six months now and can't wait to get back in the ring and see all of my fans again," Yella said.
Wentworth once again extended an invite to Rocky Mount Mayor, Steve Angle, to join him this weekend.
"Since I have to wrestle and our team does not have a manager, I would like Mayor Angle to accompany us to the ring. I know the honest gentleman would not allow the obvious cheating the Wrights and Yella will have to do to get a victory," Wentworth said.

Another highly anticipated match up will be ACW Heavyweight champion Col. Spud Wade versus Sgt. Jim Nelson in a boot camp match. Both competitors are veterans of this type of match which has no rules.
"I have been counting the days since this match was announced. If Pvt. Lynn or Pvt. Flo sticks their noses in the match, I have a cobra clutch waiting for both of them," Nelson said.

The team of Ken Steel and Scott Lee will take on Lynn and Flo in a tag match billed "For All the Money." ACW commissioner has not informed the two teams what "money" is on the line, but Flo doesn't really care. "Lynn and I are one of the best tag teams in ACW and by defeating Steel and Lynn, that gets us one step closer to a title shot. After we beat Weddle and Eclipso, the Bad Dogs will have all the big belts in ACW," Flo said while training for the match.

Other wrestlers planning to be in attendance include Ace England, Scotty Blaze, Johnny V, Eddie Loco, and Drake Tungston.

American Championship Wrestling is sponsored by We Care of Franklin County.