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Big Yella is Victorious in Return

Big Yella is victorious in return

American Championship Wrestling (ACW) exited the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory in style with an exciting night of wrestling action this Saturday.
ACW will not be hosting any wrestling events in the near future at the armory due to the fact the National Guard will be taking over the facility on a full time basis, an official with the promotion said.

This news did not stop the stars of ACW in delivering an action-packed show.

"In the main event, Big Yella, with a little help from his friends, defeated ACW tag team champions "The Legendary Eclipso," Scott Weddle and their manager, Douglas J Wentworth III Esq. Originally, former tag champions The Wright Brothers, Tony and Jamie, were to join Yella for his in ring return from injury.
However, the Wrights were nowhere to be found.
"Jamie and Tony were scared to show up tonight. They are just as yella as that Big Yella Chicken," Wentworth said.
Yella had no problem getting replacements for his team as Hillbilly Helbert and a returning Foxy Roxy joined him in battle. Yella looked good in his return and even got his hands on Wentworth, something his team could not do in May. Towards the end of the match, Eclipso and Weddle left their manager all alone with Yella, who placed Wentworth in a sharp shooter forcing him to give up.
"I felt real good after the match and I appreciate all of my fans coming out to support me. I still do not know what happened to Tony and Jamie, but I am sure they had a good excuse for not making the match," Yella said.

"The Bad Dogs continued to work together as a well-oiled machine to dominate ACW, but may have angered "The Machine" in the process.
In an ACW television title match, Scott Lee won by disqualification over the promoted champion Sgt. Robbie Lynn when fellow Bad Dogs demoted Pvt. Flo and Col. Spud Wade broke up Lee's submission dragon sleeper so Lynn could retain the title.
" As the Bad Dogs continued the onslaught on Lee, Lee's partner "The Machine" Ken Steel entered the ring as the Dogs retreated. "Wade, I am still looking for that bounty money you owe me for taking out (Sgt. Jim) Nelson and if you do not pay up before our tag match with Flo and Lynn, we are going to take it out of their behind," Steel said.

In that match, Lee and Steel did dish out punishment on the Dogs, especially Flo who received two consecutive suplexes and a DDT from Lee and two chops from Steel in the corner which could be heard at the Eagle Cinema. However, for The Bad Dogs, strength is in numbers. Steel delivered a big boot to Flo coming off the ropes. Wade then distracted Steel by entering the ring and when Steel went to stop his advancement, he was struck in the head by Wade's megaphone.
A stunned Steel was rolled up by Flo to get the victory. "I just pinned Ken Steel! I just pinned Ken Steel!" Flo celebrated after the match.
"Wade, remember what goes around, comes around," Steel said after the match.

Steel must be a prophet, because he did take some revenge on Wade during his Boot Camp match with Sgt. Jim Nelson. " In a boot camp match, there are no rules and wrestlers surround the ring to "assist" wrestlers who leave the ring back into the squared circle. Wade used his army issued belt to strap Nelson and focused the attack on his legs.
Wade had Nelson in a half Boston Crab when Nelson powered out and sent Wade flying outside of the ring on top of his fellow Bad Dogs. Wade made his way back to the ring and an injured Nelson side stepped a charging Wade who ended up on the side of the ring where Steel and Lee were.
Steel took the opportunity to extract some revenge on Wade hitting him with a stiff right hand. A staggered Wade walked right into Nelson's famous finisher, the Cobra Clutch, and was counted out giving the victory to Nelson. The crowd cheered the victorious Nelson but a defeated Wade reminded them that he was still champ.
"You bunch of idiots. The match was a non- title match so I am still the champ. I'm glad I helped shut down this armory so I will never have to wrestle in front of you hillbillies again," Wade said.

"In other matches, D Mack defeated Ace England with a roll up pin.

"Eddie Loco defeated Bobby V with the help of his "loaded" boot.

ACW sponsored by We Care is looking for a new venue and hopes to return the later part of the summer.

Be on the lookout for the new location and more action from its stars.