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ACW "The People's Words"
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ACW to invade new venue

Professional wrestling fans in Rocky Mount, your wait is over -- American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returns this Saturday night at a new venue, Benjamin Franklin Middle School's West Gymnasium.
Bell time is 8:15 p.m.

Doors will open at 7p.m. for a meet and greet with some of the wrestlers.
Fans are encouraged to bring their cameras to this part of the event.

Saturday's card is the annual "Joe Powers Memorial," a celebration of life for former ACW wrestler Joe Powers.
Special guest host will be National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) legend "The Voice" Rich Landrum.

In the main event, "The Legendary" Eclipso, managed by Douglas J. Wentworth Esq., will finally get his rematch for the Universal heavyweight title when he takes on the leader of "The Bad Dogs," Col. Spud Wade. "I've done everything to get Wade's attention and the ACW commissioner has finally stopped drinking long enough to give me the match,' Eclipso said.
"Wentworth will make sure none of the Bad Dog flunkies interfere in the match and the belt will return home," Eclipso said.

"We will walk out the champs and no one can do anything about it, not even the mayor of Rocky Mount. That's right (Steve) Angle. I have not forgotten about you. If you have any guts, show up Saturday and let's have a little talk in the middle of the ring," Wentworth said.

"Another title match will feature Sgt. Robbie Lynn taking on Sgt. Jim Nelson for the ACW television belt. Lynn has been training extra hard to prepare for taking on the legend. "I will walk out the champ and everyone will know who the real Sgt is in ACW," Lynn said.

"In a tag match, The Flo will tag with Scotty Blaze for the first time to take on Hillbilly Helbert and Foxy Roxy. "Once again I have to take on the redneck and the freak. The only good thing about this match is I have a great partner who will watch my back and take care of business," Flo said.

"In a singles match, former tag partners Eddie Loco and Drake Tungsten will battle to settle past differences. "Voy a destruir Tungsteno una vez por todas," Loco said.

Others planning to attend are Bobby V and Rolling Thunder.

Also, Aubrey "Doughboy" Wright, a newcomer to ACW, will also debut.

New ticket prices are $10 for adults and $5 for youth younger than age 12. Preschool age is free. Advanced tickets are no longer available.
ACW wrestling is sponsored be We Care of Franklin County and Comfort Inn of Rocky Mount.