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ACW "The People's Words"
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Eclipso outsmarts the Col., wins title back

It was a bad night for the Bad Dogs Saturday when American Championship Wrestling (ACW) invaded Benjamin Franklin Middle School for the first time.
In the main event, "The Legendary" Eclipso captured the Universal heavyweight championship by outsmarting former titleholder and the leader of The Bad Dogs, Col. Spud Wade. Both grapplers were very aggressive in the match which resulted in a lot of all or nothing moves. It seemed like the Bad Dogs had a plan before the match started which involved teammembers Pvt. Flo and Sgt. Robbie Lynn interfering in the match to make sure Wade walked out the champ.
In the match's final minutes, Lynn jumped on the ring apron to distract the referee, while Flo slid in the ring behind Eclipso with his hand wrapped with Wade's Army belt. As Flo started to strike Eclipso, he turned around to catch Flo in the act. Flo retreated but the legendary one pretended that Flo had hit him with the belt.
Wade, who was thrown outside of the ring and did not see what had happened, looked to take advantage of the situation, and finish off his opponent with The Spud Cutter. However, Eclipso had out smarted Wade, reversed the move and pinning him to capture the belt.
"I guess your little plan didn't work out this time did it," Eclipso shouted at Wade.
"Right now, I have the heavyweight belt and part of the tag team belts. Since we have all the gold and have run off The Wright Brothers, we just do not have any competition in ACW, " Eclipso said.
An enraged Wade addressed both of his soldiers in the ring asking who was responsible for messing up his plan. A nervous Flo pinned all the blame on Lynn.
"It doesn't matter. Scumbag (Lynn) you have been demoted to private and both of you give me 20 (push ups)," Wade said.

Lynn was already depressed because he had lost his television championship earlier in the card as Sgt. Jim Nelson used his cobra clutch to defeat him. The group once again used their numbers to try to capture victory and it backfired. Flo was distracting the referee during the match and Wade tried to enter the ring to knock out Nelson with his army belt.
Nelson was met by ACW new superstar Aubrey "DoughBoy" Wright, who was at ringside for Nelson during the match. While Lynn looked to help his leader who had his legs swept out from him hitting his head on the ring apron, Nelson slapped on the cobra clutch for the victory.
"Thanks to the help from Aubrey, I finally got a fair match with one of the Bad Dogs and I knew that if I could keep the flunkies away, I would be victorious, " Nelson said.
Wright, the older brother of Tony and Jamie Wright, was introduced to the ACW fans before the match by legendary announcer Rich Landrum.
"I was an amateur wrestler in high school and college and I think those skills will help me in ACW as I progress up the ladder,' Wright said. "Sgt. Nelson has already taught me a lot about working in the ring and I am happy to join my brothers forming a triple threat here in ACW," Wright said.

The Flo also had a tough match as he teamed up with Scotty Blaze to take on Hillbilly Helbert and Foxy Roxy. Flo was on Blaze the whole match telling him what he was doing was wrong even though Blaze has a tremendous amount of wrestling experience. Finally, Blaze couldn't take it and started to leave the ring.
"Go ahead, leave Blaze. I can take on both of these guys even with one arm tied behind my back," Flo screamed at Blaze. Then, Flo turned around, and Helbert picked him up tagged Roxy, and Roxy delivered a guillotine leg drop off the top rope sending Flo flipping upside down in the ring. Roxy then pinned Flo for the victory.

"In other matches, Eddie Loco defeated his former tag partner Drake Tungsten with his loaded boot and Scott Weddle defeated Shawn Cruz with a STF crossface.

ACW returns to BFMS, Oct. 9. Wrestling legend Nikita Koloff will be making a special guest appearance.