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Wrights' championship quest is stymied

A quest for revenge cost The Wright Brothers a chance at tag- team gold as American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returned to Benjamin Franklin Middle School this past Saturday night.
Champions "The Legendary" Eclipso and Scott Weddle defeated Tony and Jamie Wright by disqualification.
The tag champs had a strategy going in to the match and that was to work over the older Wright, Tony, who spent the first ten minutes of the match in the ring.
Jamie finally got his chance but the more experienced champs quickly took back the advantage. Jamie reversed a whip into the rope and delivered a super kick to Weddle.
The third Wright, "Doughboy" Aubery Wright, entered the ring to take some revenge on Eclipso who attacked him earlier in the night. The referee had no choice to declare a disqualification on the Wrights for the interference.
"We only made one mistake tonight and that is you are all still walking," the champ's manager, Douglas J. Wentworth III Esq. said. "When you mess with one of us, you mess will all of us. You now have three the hard way," Jamie Wright yelled back at Wentworth.
Then, the Wrights then demanded a Belt On A Pole match where the winner would be the team to climb on a pole and grab the championship belt. "We are the champions and we make the demands. There won't be no rematches, won't be no pole matches. You need to find someone else to wrestle," Eclipso said.
The ACW commissioner, who identity remains concealed, could not be reached to confirm or deny the rematch the Wright's demanded.

"In the other main event contest, Sgt. Jim Nelson defeated Eddie Loco to retain the Universal television belt when he applied the cobra clutch putting Loco to sleep. The match between the two heavyweights contained a lot of power moves, but the more interesting event happened after the bell.
Nelson was celebrating the victory when Big Yella, a wrestler whom Nelson helped train, charged the ring and attacked him.
"I'm tired to taking the back seat to the Wright boys. I'm looking for titles and he (Nelson) just happened to have one. If the Wright boys win tonight, they better watch out too. When these paper champions see me, it is bad news so from now on, call me Bad News Holland," Yella told the shocked crowd.

"Big Yella and Hillbilly Helbert defeated Pvt Flo and his mystery partner from Sgt. Slaughter's Boot Camp.
Pvt. Lynn who was scheduled to be Flo's partner was sent back to the barracks due to his performance at last month's event.
The mystery partner carried his team most of the match. Flo taking advantage of a weakened Helbert entered the ring and tried to serve up some offense of his own. Helbert quickly turned the tide and Flo retreated for a tag which was not given.
An upset Flo turned around and was caught by Helbert. The hillbilly went for the sidewalk slam and stumbled back to his corner to be tagged by Yella.
The referee noticed the tag and Yella insisted to get the pin for the victory. Helbert was confused why Yella wanted the pin.
A confused Flo woke up to see the mystery partner reveal herself as Foxy Roxy. Flo tried to get away from Roxy but not before getting a couple of spanks from his arch nemesis.

"Ken Steel outsmarted and defeated Col. Spud Wade.
Steel just executed a choke slam when Flo jumped on the apron to distract Steel. Steel started to smash Flo in the mouth when he dodged a charging Wade who collided with Flo allowing Steel to roll him up for the pin.
"Wade, I haven't forgotten about that $10,000 you owe me for taking out Nelson. Since I can't seem to collect, I am going to take it out of your behind," Steel said.

Scott Lee defeated Ace England with the help of the ropes.

ACW, sponsored by We Care of Franklin County, returns to action Nov. 6 to BFMS.
Special guest scheduled to appear is World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Famer Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant.