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ACW "The People's Words"
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A new pair of Wrights fall in title match

Fans of the Wright Brothers tag team received bad news this past Saturday night as American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returned to Benjamin Franklin Middle School.

Tag Team champions Scott Weddle and "The Legendary" Eclipso, now known as The Southern Wreaking Crew, were scheduled to take on Jamie and Tony Wright in a "Belts on a Pole" match.
The belts were hanging on a pole suspended in the corner and the team who climbed and unhook the belts returning to the gym floor where declared champions.
The champs took advantage of news that Tony Wright could not compete due to a concussion suffered in a match in North Carolina.
Since the match was signed with Tony and Jamie, Eclipso declared the contract null and void and said they were not going to have to wrestle.

"Since Tony is out, I guess we win by forfeit. Once again we come out on top," Eclipso said. Jamie Wright came to ringside and said he had a replacement -- his other brother Aubery -- and they were ready to fight.

"Hold on there. If you still want the match, you have to agree to this. If you guys don't walk out the champs tonight, the Wrights can never tag again, and just to make it more interesting, the match is also no disqualification," Eclipso said.
"It's on like Donkey Kong," Jamie Wright shouted.
The match started with the champs quickly getting the upper hand on Jamie punishing him with painful wrestling mat holds. Finally, Aubrey, the rookie, got in the match and started to turn the tide to his team's advantage.
Both teams tried to reach the belt multiple times, but were unsuccessful. Eclipso went for a closeline on Jamie, but missed contacting referee Ric Petty and knocking him to the mat. Eclipso went over to check on Petty giving Jamie a chance to grab the belts.
Jamie reached and unhooked both belts, but was caught by Eclipso. Then, Jamie kicked Eclipso and performed a sunset flip from the turnbuckle.
While going for the move, he tossed the belts to Aubery who went to the gym floor apparently capturing the championships. However, Bad New Holland, a former partner of Jamie's, came from the dressing room area and closelined Aubery to the floor.
Then, Holland then presented the belts to Weddle and Eclipso. Petty finally came to his feet and declared The Southern Wreaking Crew champs.

WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Valiant, who was on hand for the event, charged to ring side to let Petty know he made a mistake, but the referee would not overturn his decision. "I'm tired of Eclipso beating up these Virginia wrestlers. So I am coming out of retirement to put together a team with the Wrights to go against a team Eclipso comes up with if he can find anyone," Valiant said.
"We will see you next month, "Eclipso said.

"In other action, Holland took on Sgt. Jim Nelson for the Universal television title. Nelson promised to put Holland in his Cobra Clutch in honor of Johnny Weaver, who was remembered during pre-match activities. Holland used every trick in the book to get the advantage over Nelson, but never could take control of the match.
Nelson finally slapped the promised cobra clutch, but Holland made it to the ropes to break the hold.
While Petty broke the hold, Holland slipped on some bras knucks and hit Nelson knocking him out.
Holland quickly pinned Nelson to capture the TV belt. "I told everyone that I was going to win tonight. This is the first of many championships I will capture here in ACW," Holland said.

"The Bad Dogs, Pvt. Flo and Col. Spud Wade, defeated Ken Steel and his mystery partner. The Bad Dogs were confident Steel would not have a partner, but Steel surprised Wade and Flo when his mystery partner turned out to be third member of the Bad Dogs -- Robbie Lynn.
The Bad Dogs worked over Lynn's leg most of the match and Steel tried to enter the match many times but was always cut off by referee Petty. Steel finally tagged Lynn and caught Flo, who also tagged into the match, with a strong right hand.
Then Steel whipped Flo into the turnbuckle and caught him with a big boot. Steel commanded Lynn to enter the match and finish the job. Lynn slapped a Boston Crab on Flo.
Flo appeared ready to surrender, but Petty went to stop a charging Steel, who saw Wade enter the ring.
While Petty took care of Steel, Wade hit Lynn with this megaphone allowing Flo to capture the pin.
"How dare Lynn turn his back on the Bad Dogs. He will pay for his betrayal, "Wade said.

In other bouts:

"Scotty Blaze defeated Shaun Cruz with a spine buster.

"Foxy Roxy, Hillbilly Helbert and Ace England defeated Kid Lighting, Eddie Loco and Scott Lee when Roxy used a top-rope guillotine to position Lightning for a pin..

ACW, sponsored by We Care returns Dec. 4 to BFMS for its annual Christmas show.
Special guests for the event will be "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff, Rich Landrum, and Santa Claus.