3 Para Palestine 1945-1948

Please leave a message if you wish to contact a member of 3 Para . Did you find this website interesting and informative ?  

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3 Para Palestine 1945-1948
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Re: 2/3 Battalion Hockey team 1948

Hello Bill, I have tried your email but it keeps bouncing back so i am replying on this forum.
Thanks for the quick reply, my grand father Charles Upperton was ex 10th Parachute Battalion, then 2 Para after Market Garden. Whilst on 2 Para he was on the hockey team for the season 44-45 when 2 Para were the Div champions. When he was deployed to Palestine the battalion was merged with the 3rd Battalion so my assumption is he may of been part of that team.
I have attached a copy of the 2 Para Team for you to see. It was taken at Ashwell camp near RAF Cottesmore.
I will have a look at the picture of the 3 Para pic.... Thanks Bill much appreciated.



Who do you wish to contact ? 2/3 Para personnel 1948