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Whats the difference

As a new Cob lover I am a little disturbed by being told that unlike A's,B's and partbreds, which we breed, with Cobs there are two different types... one for saddle and one for harness. I find this very hard to believe. If this is so then how, pray tell, can a judge at an In Hand Show tell the difference between the two in the ring? As far as I can see there is only one breed standard for Cobs as for the other sections. I have also seen this distinction made in adverts for Cobs as well. "is harnes type" or "is saddle type". Help please!!

Re: Whats the difference

Hi there,

There are different types within each section. Different people like different things when they are breeding. I know, there is a breed standard for each section, and the types should correlate far more, but thats just the way it is.I believe that the ridden cob would historically be called a vanner and would be less typey than its in hand counterpart. But I may be wrong.