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Re: No Subject

Hello, Anonymous,
I also have a Breiniol cob and am aquainted with the mares who live over the mountain from us.
The breeder has loads of gumph about the cobs that she has bred and I`m sure would only be too glad to fill you in.
She lives in a village called Mynydd Llandegai and the phone code is 01248.
The dam of your cob is still living and is a very well put together, handsome old lady with great manners and a super nature - passed onto her offspring.
Good luck and feel free to ask if you want any more info.

Re: No Subject

Hello, I have just been browsing through and don`t think that my reply to your post got through to you regarding the family of your sec d. Shall try again and see if this works.
I too have a Breiniol cob and am very familiar with the remaining animals of this previously prolific stud. Breiniol Dewines is a sister to my boy and is still an absolute stunner; living just over the mountain to us we often ride by and used to regularly move the girls around their various grazing locations for Kath their breeder/owner.
Having bred a fair few nice horses, the owner ceased to breed, I think because a d was traced beack to her by some new owners who wanted it`s history, and Kath was so upset that the poor animal had had such a terrible time that she said she wouldn`t breed again.
I met her when I fell in love with a big chestnut gelding she had, and of course I managed to persuade her to sell him to us.
This lad has been with us for many years now and has riden and driven with great success... he has a hackney license and we do the odd wedding with him. He has such a patient, kind nature as do all of K ath`s mares.
I`m sure that if you look for her Phone Number in Mynydd llandegai, 01286, or 01248, but same name still, she will with pleasure give you any info that you require. Good luck