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Continued: Faron Young & Marty Robbins Newsletter - Wed, Apr 14, 2010

Continued from above:

David Corne in the UK says, "I was saddened to read about the death of Barbara Pruett. Her book Fast Cars And Country music is an absolute bible for any fan of Marty's. RIP Barbara. It was good to see Joe Babcock talking about his two great songs 'Won't You Forgive' and 'Ghost Train' in your newsletter. In my opinion they both could easily have been the 'A' sides of the records they were so good. Joe had about 21 songs recorded by Marty I believe and he also was a member of the Glaser Brothers for a while. . . . I was pleased to see Marty singing 'The City' on the Cash show which is on youtube. It's always been said that Marty was uneasy with television appearances, but whenever he appears on shows such as this he looks so relaxed and at ease. Perhaps he hid it well. Regarding his television performances on other shows than his own, I believe he appeared on the Dean Martin Show, where he may have sung a medley with the Everly Brothers, but is there anyone to confirm that Marty ever appeared on Hee Haw or The Andy Williams Show, I wonder? It looks like his Marty Robbins Spotlight Shows will never see the light of day unfortunately due to copyright issues."

Juanita Buckley sends condolences: "I'm so sorry to hear about Barbara J. Pruett passing away. I knew Barbara when she put out the newsletter to all of Marty's fans across the world. She, like Marty, left us with a lot of memories and information. Her Fast Cars and Country Music is like my Bible for Marty Robbins. Had she not compiled all the information in one book a lot of information about Marty would have went by the way side. My prayers are with her family & friends. She will be missed."

Sheree Homer writes, "I am a fan of your work. I have seen and hope to buy soon your biography on Faron Young. He is also one of my favorite country singers along with Marty Robbins. Looking forward to your bio about Marty. Congratulations on your published works. I am also a writer. I had my first book, Catch That Rockabilly Fever, published last year by McFarland Publishers. Currently working on my second bio, Rick Nelson's musical career."

June Bourke sends this note from New Zealand: "I thoroughly enjoy your news letters that arrive regularly, but first I must thank you for introducing me to Stuart Weiss, re my C.D. that mum and dad have recorded on. Stuart tells me the Hill Billy Pals (my parents) got a good response, when he played them, and a big thank you to you. Reading the message from Tom Lipscombe, I have to add, I have been a huge fan of Kitty Wells, since I was a youngster, and when I became serious about my singing and songwriting, I focused a lot on her style at the beginning. . . . She was to come out to New Zealand a few years back, but if I remember, due to ill health, it was cancelled. Hank Snow is another one of my idols, and my father met him many years ago, here in New Zealand, Dad sang a lot of his songs for all of his career in country music here in N.Z, well over 60 years of entertaining. Dad is now 90 and still has a good voice. Once again thank you, love receiving the news."

Steve Clark says, "Thanks for the latest newsletter and the new feature 'Sideman Sidebar.' I think that will be a popular item. I think it is very interesting to see how some of these folks end up. I was listening to XM radio on my way home today where Dallas Wayne was interviewing DJ Tracy Pitcox and Pitcox was telling about the time he purchased a stage costume from Rose Maddox for a museum he runs in Texas. She was selling the dress to pay for prescriptions! While I am too young to remember her, I have heard she was a big star back in the 1940s."

My second noteworthy sideman is Ray Emmett. He hosted one of my Country Deputy reunions in his log cabin home and helped me track down several of the Deputies. He also put together the band when Darrell McCall hosted the Country Deputy Reunion on the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree the night we celebrated the release of Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story. Ray fronted the Deputies for Faron and played electric bass from 1973-1980 and from 1988 until the end. He also sang harmony on Faron's records. Ray had a solo career for awhile in the 1980s, and that might be when I saw him at the Nashville Palace. I don't remember the year, just that I didn't introduce myself because I didn't think someone famous would talk to me. Ray and Renee live at the end of the road in the Goodlettsville forest in a large log cabin built from historic wood.

Please visit: to view photo of Kenny Sears, Ray Emmett, Diane Diekman, Jerry Merhar, Richard Bass, Cootie Hunley

Diane Diekman
Washington DC, USA
Live Fast, Love Hard:
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