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Hank Williams' full name


I came across your forum while searching for one on Hank Williams. I'd be grateful if you could post the text below.


John Coutts.


Why is it that just about every book or article on Hank Williams lists his name as Hank King Williams? As far as I can tell, he did not have a middle name, and "King" was not any part of his name.

In his book, "Hank Williams, So Lonesome", George William Koon included a facsimile image of Hank Williams' birth certificate. Against "Full name of child" it lists simply, Hiriam Williams - his name, Hiram, was misspelled as Hiriam, and you can clearly see this on the certificate. The word, "King", is nowhere to be seen.

I notice that the Wikipedia entry for Hank has the "King" middle name included, as does most mentions of him now. Does anyone know how and when this "King" thing started? Or indeed if there is any justification for it? I was first aware of "King" being included in his name in the late 1960s, but it may have been used before then.

I know that Hank's father, Alonzo Williams, was a freemason, and he named his son after King Hiram I of Tyre, an important figure in masonic lore and also mentioned in the Bible in association with the building of Solomon's Temple, but while there is a "King" connection with Hank's real name of Hiram, I can find absolutely no definitive evidence that "King" was ever an integral part of his name.

Does anyone know anything to the contrary?

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