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Schools are obviously back ....


Re: Schools are obviously back ....

Woss ya prob girl?? Konnsept of skool sends ya sleepy or wot? But HEY, they don't open here in Gambia until 12 01 08.

Re: Re: Schools are obviously back ....

i think ya get 2 a certain age and those afternoon naps seem more appealing u can see education wasnt big in their home!

Skoooooooools not bac 4 another day so me and ma crew have snuck in da big bosses office to have sum fun on his pooooter its banging dread...Sorry was just satisfy Jackies schoolground fantasies blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Re: Re: Schools are obviously back ....

Nope, Jo, my main gripe is with silly wee kids who obviously only have access to PCs during term time playing at being the big I am online in various forums ...

Re: Re: Re: Schools are obviously back ....

Do you read everyone of my post ???? theyre so few and far between
do you check back every 15mins in the hope that I may bestow some more attention to ur hum drum life?

Do u share a secret smile with the other lurkers?

Mommy dearest ull be pleased to know that my new year resolution is to be kind generous thoughful to dumb animals so on that note i will yet again bid thee farewell im off to play with the big kids now, they bring out the best in me.

Now be nice to the other posters (though most have left cos ur poison)
Teach ur daughter some compassion and manners
and...have a happy productive life just dont do it near me

ps this is ur oportunity to have a dig or 6 the gloves are down my back is turned give it ur best shot im out of hereeeeeeeeeeee

Re: Re: Re: Re: Schools are obviously back ....

they read everybodys post
hoping they can jump in and say something negative
that is there mission in life
to mix it up and be really nasty
what goes around comes around
wish them what they wish others

Bob the .....?????

Hear that? It's the sound of no-one caring ....

Re: Bob the .....?????

no that sounds like a dog barking to me
or is it a cow mooing
or a hen crowing

Re: Re: Bob the .....?????

sorry should have said hen clucking
head not what it was, probably been mixing with the wrong types