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Travel Insurance

Hi; I'm having major problems finding annual multi-trip travel insurance. Problem - I'm old (73) and have medical problems (very mild angina). After exhaustive trawling through websites, being rejected by many companies and offers at extortionate prices I'm starting to despair! There also appear to be fewer insurers offering 'worldwide excluding USA' deals as well.
Any ideas? I'm reluctant to confine my travels to the UK just yet!
Almost tempted to travel without insurance!

Re: Travel Insurance

Hi Tom, have you tried the "free" insurance offered by some banks when you use their current accounts?
I use the Cooperative Bank Priviledge account and get annual multi travel insurance as part of their benefits bundle. Im not sure what upper age conditions apply but Im sure a quick phone call will get you the information.
Hope this helps.

Re: Re: Travel Insurance

Thanks Bill - our charity account is with the Co-op! Should have thought of them. I'm making enquiries - the insurance is actually with AXA, who will impose an excess for existing health conditions. I'll check with them. Thanks for the lead.

Re: Travel Insurance

Hi Tom, My in laws had the same problem...
have you tried Saga or Age Concern?
Good luck and happy travelling : )

Re: Re: Travel Insurance

Hi, Lou.
Thanks for the reply. I've already tried the two companies you mention - one refused insurance and t'other wanted £1,200!
Back to Google!

Re: Re: Re: Travel Insurance

If you open an account, premier, with Alliance and Leicester they have free insurance if you deposit £500 per month. If you switch your current account and debits they will give you a £100. There is an age limit, but the £100 might help towards any excess. Please dont go without insurance or adequate insurance. My father in law went to Egypt at Christmas, he had insurance, but when he took ill with pnuemonia they wouldnt cover him as he has had lung cancer in the past, cost him £7000 with hospital fees and flight home. Also a lot of emotional heartache.