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visa = aparthied

i think that the visa system is just another form of aparthied that keep the and keeps the the poor..even poorer.

why is it that that wen u r from a black country u need a visa 2 go anywhere but wen u r from a white country the world is ur oyster.

britain complains about illegal immigrants n forgets that its probably the legal immigrants doin the most damage.

wen people come from the indian subcontinent they normally work for their own people rather than takin british jobs while wen the polish and other eastern europeans come they directly take our jobs. and tehy find loopholes to claim back all their tax and they claim child benefit for their kids back home.

i think that if a british marries a non eu..then they should instantly be granted a visa on arrival..
as they get no beneits the work they do will be taxed. n they r living with a british partner so they r far less likely 2 need to abuse the system

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