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visa = aparthied

i think that the visa system is just another form of aparthied that keep the and keeps the the poor..even poorer.

why is it that that wen u r from a black country u need a visa 2 go anywhere but wen u r from a white country the world is ur oyster.

britain complains about illegal immigrants n forgets that its probably the legal immigrants doin the most damage.

wen people come from the indian subcontinent they normally work for their own people rather than takin british jobs while wen the polish and other eastern europeans come they directly take our jobs. and tehy find loopholes to claim back all their tax and they claim child benefit for their kids back home.

i think that if a british marries a non eu..then they should instantly be granted a visa on arrival..
as they get no beneits the work they do will be taxed. n they r living with a british partner so they r far less likely 2 need to abuse the system

Re: visa = aparthied

The visa system in use throughout the world is designed to stop people entering countries under false pretences.If there was no system in place certain countries would be swamped with bogus "tourists" intent on abusing their hosts.
And, its not just the more affluent countries that adopt the visa system. I had to pay nearly 75 USD just to get into Vietnam! Its also a way of revenue collection and helps pay for airport/custom staff,services.
Remember, most countries have different visas available depending on the applicants requirements. ie Tourist, Work, Residence etc etc.

Re: visa = aparthied

i agree there should be some sort of system in place n even if u have pay 4 the visa its fine..but countries like the uk or usa or most other "white countries" its seen like such a challenge just 2 get visa..they r like golddust. n these countries will ust reject 4 no reason n swallow peoples hard earned cash.

Re: visa = aparthied

Sam I think what you are meaning is a visa to either take up residency and employment. Im not aware of any issues regarding coming as a tourist. If you have sufficient funds and a return flight ticket you should have no problems.
However if your intention is to work, or stay you have to follow the visa rules, as set by the Country. Im not allowed to enter a Country with the wrong intentions.
Most Tourist Visas are single entry with a time limit of 30 days.
If the rules were relaxed you would have thousands of people arriving putting yet more strain on social welfare services.
It might seem unfair but that is the syatem.

Re: visa = aparthied

I'm white, but I need a visa to visit the USA, ans I can't stay there unless I have a Greencard. So this is not a black-and-white matter.

Re: visa = aparthied

You The same Sam selling perfume on ebay, seems like you managed to sort some sort of visa to get here so why the complaining?

Re: visa = aparthied

that would be because im a disgruntled born british citizen who has full right to remain in the uk but has to live in seperation from my wife n child because they have been deemed sub-human (non british) by the uk government and cant come and join me unless i miraculously pull 5grand plus out of nowhere.

Re: visa = aparthied

So why not go and settle over there, surely if it is about separation that would be the obvious solution. The British Immigration take all things into account when deciding who can have a visa, it is not about being victimised for where you live , more about proving you will be an asset to our country and unfortunately most previous Gambians be it male or female have proven they are here on false pretences and that my friend is why the very few genuine cases lose out. If you are in love then go and settle in Gambia, after all it is her home country so why not make a life there. As for the 5 grand where does that come from unless it is the ongoing cost you would have to provide to her extended family now she has a British husband

Re: visa = aparthied

Refused Visa's are often refused because the applications are insufficiently researched and poorly executed. The visa officers have very little time to spend on each application, so unless it is clear, answers and demonstrates the validity of the answers (which is often not easy) - then the answer will be NO, which in your situation Sam can be heart breaking, but it is nothing other than the following of rules to the letter.

It's an expensive business, but get your paper work together with proof to substantiate it and apply again and if necessary again - are you after a visitor visa or a settlement visa - settlement is harder and much more expensive.

Good luck

Re: visa = aparthied

well 4 ur information mr high commission..i have lived with my family for more than 2 years so i can sufficiantly say that ive had the gambian experience.

basically i want out of the gambia as to stay for a short time its a lovely place..but to settle in its a corrupt minefield set to screw any unsuspecting person out of anything they may have.

as for her family..they have done nothing but help..
they r self sufficiant n dont need my money..i stayed at their home for over a month after my wife delivered our son n probably didnt spend more than d500 in the entire month.

i want my family out of there to join me in my country so that they 2 can experience wat its like to like in a country free of corruption and back-handers..where justice is for the rich and the poor r left to die