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The GTS BantaBar
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Free extra luggage allowance

hi all im really pleased got 20kgs free extra luggage allowance for my trip at xmas,
so can take more stuff for schools and a family we look after
thankyou Thomas Cook
we take stuff every year but usually absorb it ourselves, would have found it difficult this year as going for 3wks
so sent a begging letter (email) and they say YES

Re: Free extra luggage allowance

Like you, I in the past have been given free baggage allowance by Thomas Cook to take things for schools etc in The Gambia. However recently when staying at the GTS accommodation I have asked my friends that instead of buying pens, books etc, to give me the money they would have spent allowing me to purchases goods in The Gambia.
This way the Gambian people get three times the benefit from the same amount of money.
First the local traders make a profit by me purchasing from them.
Secondly the school still get the intended benefit of the goods.
The third advantage of giving this way is that I can ask Francis or the head master of the school what is needed so I know my gifts will have the maximum benefit to the end user.

Re: Free extra luggage allowance

Hi great that you got the same, I buy everything myself, so I buy bit by bit, so it dont feel like a great expense, wish I had some helpers,
goodluck with all you do

Re: Free extra luggage allowance

We (Gambia Goes) have been delighted with the kindness shown to us by Thomas Cook over the years. The allow us 20kg which is great because we can take goods not readily found in The Gambia - we of course take money to purchase locally made mosquito nets, cement, school furniture and so on.
Well done all of you in your support of this wonderful country!
Best wishes,

PS I wish T C flew there during the rainy season too!

Re: Think yiu are going to be a happy man Tom -Free extra luggage allowance

I have heard that not only are Thomas Cook supporting Eco and Sustainable tourism in Gambia this coming season, which is great for GTS as we are just starting development of an Eco Lodge near the border with Senegal about 3 km from Giboro - but as part of this policy I hear that TC are going to fly all the year round starting in the 2010 - 2011 Season.

So even more reason to book half price accommodation with us at GTS Kololi just £45 a week for a double ensuite room from June 2011 through to October 2011.

Lets hope it is true.

GTS continues to welcome voluteers and practically minded volunteers are especially welcome with the new Eco Lodge project starting - email me at if you have some time available to help.

Fran and Filly Glynn

Re: Think yiu are going to be a happy man Tom -Free extra luggage allowance

Many thanks - that's brilliant news! I really must sign up with you for at least the benefit of reasonable accommodation! I've been looking for cheap flights out during Sept/Oct but all the quotes I'm getting seem to be trying to sell me the'plane, not just a seat on it!
Again,thanks and good luck with your new project.


Re: Think yiu are going to be a happy man Tom -Free extra luggage allowance

hi Francis
sometime back I tried to fill in your form to become a GTS member, but failed because the way ZIP Codes are given in UK and in Germany are different. Is there any other way?