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The GTS BantaBar
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GTS advertising

I have been to Gambia several times and have many a JulBrew in the GTS Bar & Restaurant but didn't realise it was part of this organisation / charity. There is noting that I saw that advertised the fact that it is part of a support network helping Gambians. I am sure that if this fact was advertised at the Bar then many more people would be inclined to use the facilities and the others such as accomodation and airport pickups etc.

I am going out again in November and will no doubt end up at the bar again.

Re: GTS advertising

I totally agree. Even if there was a collection box with a brief description about GTS it might encourage people to make casual donations without any formal arrangements. I for on would be happy to deposit my "end of holiday" dalasi into it if I knew that it would be used for the charity.

Re: GTS advertising

I agree; I don't think anybody would be offended by a notice and collection box!

Francis - if the membership of GTS is postponed for the present time how do people arrange to stay in your Kololi accommodation?

Re: GTS advertising

Dear Tom

The postponement of Membership in no way affects the services we provide to the guests at GTS Kololi - they simply book their accommodation and are treated as members - the only difference is that if they want us to pick them up or drop them off at the airport there is now a D400 charge each way.

To book any of our accommodation options simply email me at