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MDH Healing Room

Welcome to the healing room.  I regularly send healing and love to all who request help here.  Please add your name and put REAL in capital (upper case) letters so I can spot the spam when reviewing posts!  Otherwise your message may unfortunately get deleted.

If requesting healing for someone else,  include birthdate if possible, town and country or residence and I will focus the Multidimensional healing energy of Love, and a blessing for the highest good for all, free of charge.  I have set an intention that you, just by coming to this page, be given an insight into the best course of action to take, for yourself or your loved ones.

Love is the greatest healing power there is; if you'd like to know how to access it and why it resolves all our problems, see Applying Love  and Brain Circuits of Love and Fear.  

These affirmations help me; 

I love and accept myself just as I am now.

I am worthy and deserve love, respect, health and happiness. 

 I choose to think the best of myself and others and connect with the Love within me.

I choose happiness, peace and wellbeing now. 

I am at peace with myself and the world.

I bless myself and everyone I know.

I intend love, success and happiness for myself and others.

I choose the best feelings now. All is well within me.

I surrender all struggle to the higher powers/my higher self.

I relax and receive everything I ask for now.

I love and appreciate myself.

I love being myself.

I enjoy every moment as much as I can.

I appreciate all I have now and trust in the power of love to bring me what I need.

I  use Love plus Quantum-Touch energy healing and EFT, along with emotional education and counselling in my one-to-one sessions.   I can be contacted via email and phone. 

Best wishes,


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