Create your very own Boonie card!

Design your very own Boonie Greeting Card and send it to a friend on the 'net! You will be shown step by step instructions for constructing your card. Once it is finished, you can preview and decide if any changes need to be made. When you are happy with your card, hit SEND and your friend will receive notification by e-mail that there is a greeting card waiting to be picked up. (P.S. Don't worry if the pic looks a little "skewed" in these thumbnail previews. That happens because the thumbnail isn't proportioned to the same shape as the original. If you want to be sure, just click to see the full-size version.)

Image Selection
Text Input
Other Options
Preview and Send
Select the image for your Greeting Card from the scrollbox at right and preview your image below.
Click the image to select it for your card.


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