7 Graces Global Community
7 Graces Global Community

You are cordinally invited to become a member of the 7 Graces Global Community (7GGC) and Web Ring. The 7 Graces is a holistic approach to business, media and advertising, devoted to creating harmonious relationships with people, our economy and the delicate ecological balance of our natural world. Membership is always free, but applications must be approved before sites are added to the ring. Being part of the ring is a wonderful way to raise your profile, increase traffic to your site AND make a tangible statement to your audience about your commitment to business ethics.

PLEASE NOTE: To maintain congruence within the community, we ask all members to 1) put the web ring widget on their home page AND 2) place the 7 Graces badge and mission statement on a page of its own on your website. We will send you the HTML code for this, and you are welcome to edit it as long as the intention remains intact. So please read The 7 Graces Mission Statement first, and if you feel your website or company is a good match, please do join us.

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