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Polonia: You're Polish but don't live in Poland, How do you feel?
I was born in Poland but live elsewhere and my new country is now home to me.
I wasn't born in Poland and live elsewhere but I still consider it my home country.
I wasn't born in Poland and live elsewhere and this is my home.
I wasn't born in Poland. My home country is where I was born.
Where I was born does not matter. Where I chose to live is my home country.

What is your favorite Polish food? (Send us your recipe!)
Cabbage Rolls

How do you celebrate Christmas?
I include several Polish traditions in my Christmas.
I usually include at least one Polish tradition.
I haven't in the past, but will include a Polish tradition next time.
The usual way, no special Polish traditions.

Do you like our content, then will you share?
Yes - I want to contribute and will do so shortly.
Yes - I want to contribute, but don't know how. (contact us by emial)
Yes - but I don't have time.
Yes - I already have contributed!
No - but I still like the site.
No - not interested.

Do you know the origin or meaning of your Surname?
Yes - I will share this on the Surname Meanings Board for the awareness of others.
I know the meaning but not it's origin.
I have no idea, but would like to know.
I have no idea and don't consider it that important.

What is your preference in articles?
Personal family stories
Stories about Polish history
Stories about Polish culture (traditions, food, etc)
Informative articles/tools on the Polish language.
Articles that help me in doing my genealogy.
Articles about life in Poland today.
Articles that review books, software, etc. to help me make a choice.
All of the above.
None of the above (Send an email letting us know what you like.)

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