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Morriston of Yesteryear.

A very big thank you to all the good people who have contributed to this Historic Gallery. Alberta Stevens. Susan Nelson, Manselton. Barbara Rees, Perth Australia. Jeff Lang, Glais. Paul Rees, Swansea. John Thomas, Melbourne Australia. Noreen Todd, Clydach. Jan Clatworthy, London England. And last but not least, Jeff Lang Secretary and Webmaster of this great Camera Club. Many many thanks, Merlyn Williams.

Re: Morriston of Yesteryear.

The Morriston of Yesteryear gallery is getting bigger that is because Morriston has a big backyard out there in this small World.

Many thanks to Andrea Atkinson, Jackie Evans, Mike Isaac, Barbara Hill and to David Lynn Davies who now resides in the South Coast of Nova Scotia Canada.
Many thanks MERLYN....

Re: Morriston of Yesteryear.

Hi To All contributors to Morriston of Yesteryear, and thanks to Barrie Mitchell for your photo's of Martin Street they are great, walked that Street many a time when I was a young lad. Fond Regards Merlyn..