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Morriston Historical Society ???

Hi, My name is Merlyn Williams, I am a native of Morriston but have lived in Canada For the past 40 years. I was very excited when I heard Dursley was interested in starting a Morriston Historical Society, Alas I have been unable to find out from him or anyone regarding the status on this Society, is there anyone who can fill me in with the status on this Society?? Merlyn

Re: Morriston Historical Society ???

The society did not get off the ground it would seem but I came across an article in the Evening Post about an active Morriston History Group.

It does seem not to have featured in this forum but it has been going for a few years now and holds regular meetings of members ( which is free) in Morriston Library on the first Tuesday of the month at 2pm.

It has articles in the public domain about topics such chapels and the Clyndu pit and underground canal.

Re: Morriston Historical Society ???

Hi Len, Thanks for the Heads Up on the meetings that are held at The Morriston Library, I will certainly take a look into that. As you know Len Morriston has a fantastic history but sadly it has never been documented. I would also like to take this opportunity in the commendable work you have done on the history of the supreme sacrifice given by the brave men of Morriston in The Great War. Merlyn....

Re: Morriston Historical Society ???

Hi Merlyn

Thanks for the comments about the memorial work, it has certainly come on a pace with Philippa's involvement and more information is coming in.

I chanced upon the History Group and thought of you. Hopefully you could become a participant in it by correspondence or SKYPE or something during those cold winter months you are about to face!!!