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TV Programme for S4C

Hi there

I am working on a TV programme called Cymru 2009. We will be travelling around the country in a celebration of Wales and its people. The first town on our stop is Morriston and I'd love to chat to
some local people about your town. What makes it special? Why do you love living in Morriston? Do you have an interesting story about the town or about yourself even? If you have even a smattering of
Welsh language, I would love to speak to you. Please contact me at:
or on: 01792 824567 Ext: 230

Website http://

Re: TV Programme for S4C

Did this ever turn into a TV programme?

Re: TV Programme for S4C

Hi Len, Yes a good question did this ever air!!!! I would assume there is some corruption on this site and it is not the webmasters fault, the date of the posting is 7th April 2009 it is now 2014!!!!! There are some sick little B!!!! out there that are capable of that, Will. Merlyn