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Underground Building, Parc Gwernfadog Woodlands

In the late 70s us kids used to hang around the wooded area between the bottom of Heol Glan Nant, Wheatsheaf Drive and the left end of Christopher Road.

I remember there was the remains of an abandoned building, of which all that was left was an underground area.

This was not the remains of an old stone or brick house but more like a concrete office block. I remember there were steps going down to it with an underground concrete corridor.

One day we got in through the door / gateway or whatever was supposed to secure it and found stacks of paper: photocopies, maps / blueprints, and I think computer paper type printouts.

I have always wondered what that building was. It was rumoured to be an old war bunker.

Any ideas?

You can see the overhead view in google maps with these co-ordinates:


I notice there is a concrete area there now with a square patch of turf. It was roughly in that area but more up to the top and right IIRC.

Re: Underground Building, Parc Gwernfadog Woodlands

It was an old house in the grounds of its estate that was demolished in the late 70's. I think it was because the council developed the area as a park. Not sure why they did not fill in the corridor.

Re: Underground Building, Parc Gwernfadog Woodlands

Although given the anonymity of the posting suggests something more "secretive" about the use of the underground building;it would seem, by overlaying a 19th century map over the area on google maps,this was the house at the western (Cwmrhydyceirw) entrance to the estate.

Is there any evidence left of the "big house" in the park?

Re: Underground Building, Parc Gwernfadog Woodlands

The house in question was I believe Glyncollen House,I was born in Ynysforgan and remember the entrance was just on the bottom of Llanlienwen Road,a matter of yards away from todays Dallings stores,the house there today with the blocked off entrance was the Lodge House for that house and the lodge caretaker resided there,the lane ran from there up to the house and around and through to the farm[known to eveyrone as the first farm] the entrance which is today a shortcut via Heol Y Deri,/Top of llanlienwen[to the houseing estate behind the Deers Leap,the farmer at that time was a Mr Thomas,he had a Dairy Herd and I used to [along with many C.R.C.residents go there for fresh milk and homegrown Veg for my mother]the lane carried through where Heol Glannant is today and came to the second farm of Dai Davies [known as Dai the Lan] and his wife Ruby,both still with us,I recall a fire there in the 60s when a large amount of turkeys were destroyed,this farm was known as the second farm,Mr Davies also built the garage opposite Dallings and owned all the land where the Bungalows and houses are in Ynysforgan,[I remember picking potatoes in the field behind the garage again opposite Dallings in 1957,for pocket money]the lane split before turning toward the second farm allowing entry to the big house and there was a walkway over to the third farm via a half round gate I think it was called a lovers gate???,vey near todays Harebell Close,the lane lead past the third farm and came out onto the road leading up from Ynystawe to Gwernfadog House,just on the double bend before the mini roundabout,the big house as it was known was at that time occupied by Captain Sydd,or his relatives,he was involved with the Forest and Worcester steelworks [Todays Asda] there was a lady living in that house for many years who had something to do with the flower shop that was once next door to the Fountain public house,I have heard but cannot confirm that the Homeguard held practice sessions in the fields around the Ynysforgan area so mayby they were involved with captain Sydd, most of the lane off lower Llanlienwen was removed when the M4 went through in early seventies,I walked that way from the Orpheus road area a good few years ago and some of the lovely original wall that went around the big house was still visible,there were and still are some lovely large houses in and around Cwmrhydyceirw,Ynysforgan,Ynystawe and Morriston,glad to say that many are in good order and still with us.

Re: Underground Building, Parc Gwernfadog Woodlands

Many thanks for the replies.

I don't think this is Glyncollen House. That place seems more down the hill; further towards Llanlienwen Road? This place is at the co-ordinates stated earlier: the park area to the right of Heol Glan-Nant.,-3.9210911,17z

The concrete section was definitely underground. This could be the addition of a cellar type area to an old house but it looked more relatively modern for the 70s.

The documentation that was found there was quite fascinating too. I just wish I had taken more interest in it and could thus remember what it was. But back then we were just kids and this was just a den to hang out in.