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Steel Co of Wales Tinplate Division, Velindre Works

Re: Velindre Tinplate, Steel Co of Wales


I worked for the Tinplate Division of Steel co of Wales in the 1960s. I know that the Velindre plant was closed. I have not been able to find the site on Google Earth. I would be very grateful if somebody could let me know the GPS coordinates. I saw what was left of it in about 2000 - a very sad sight.I would like to see what it's like now.

Thank you, and regards to all ex-SCW colleagues.
Alfred Oliveira

Re: Steel Co of Wales Tinplate Division, Velindre Works

I understand that the site is being developed see Evening Post article at

On Google maps there is an area which looks like a building site.

It is a long time since I was in that area. I recall attending a football training session there in the 1970s on the sports ground; it was run by Brian Evans of the then Swansea Town.

I also recall in the early 1950's the convoys of lorry's heading through Morriston to Velindre with building materials.

I sometimes wonder if the Swansea Blitz had focused more on the industry up the
Valley rather than on the town centre ,whether the equivalent of Velindre would have been built along the Tawe at Morriston in the immediate Post War Regeneration.

Re: Steel Co of Wales Tinplate Division, Velindre Works

I can't help you with Google Earth, but on the July 2016 version of Google Maps, zoom into the M4 junction 46, Llangyfelach.

The former Velindre complex is the massive construction site on the north west side of the junction, my guess is that the July 2016 view is possibly some two or more years ago.

The site is being developed as a combined Strategic Employment Site (SES) and Urban Village. The road layout of the SES can be visualised with the Google July 2016 road overlay. The associated Urban Village has according to the Swansea LDP discussion document a potential build of 850 homes, however the developers promotional material indicates a potential build of a thousand homes, the area of the potential housing development can be judged by downloading the Swansea LDP map of the uban village site from:
Which to the west is separated from Tircoed by the wooded area visable on the July 2016 Google Maps view.

I hope this helps you a little.