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Underground Canal by Clyndu Sreet

Hi this is my first posting here. When I first moved to Morriston back in the mid seventies, I recall people telling me of an underground canal at Morriston used for transport of coal. As time has passed I have read accounts of this canal that entered the hillside at the bottom of Clyndu Street, near the Dukes Arms. It went all the way up to Llangyfelach Road where a large geological fault interrupted the coal seams. Apparently coal was mined off to the west of the tunnel under Trewyddfa and Clase. It was brought out via the canal in little boats and brought into the yards of the Forest Copper Works on the bank of the Tawe which I think is the site where the Neath Rd roundabout and the fairground is now. There must have been a fair amount of coal extracted from the seams going off from the canal and they kept the Forest Copper Works going for many years. I think the coal ceased to be brought from the canal in 1840s.

I posted a few queries on Facebook about the underground canal and received a mail from someone recollecting subsidence affecting a house in Clyndu Street back in the 80s. Recently there has been some clearance work done in Clyndu Street where some old garages used to be. These were located on the RHS when going up the hill and there are the remains of an old engine house which would have looked very much like Scott's Pit which can be seen from the M4.just before Christmas 2014 the old mine shaft collar was revealed. It is well and truly blocked but you could see red engineering bricks at the top of the shaft. This shaft apparently connected with the Clyndu Underground Canal.

Sadly there are no visible reminders of the old underground canal apart from the Clyndu Street shaft. Does anyone have any family stories or recollections about the Underground canal or indeed any of the other mines that existed in the immediate vicinity of Morriston? My interest in this is I live in Cwmrhydyceirw and I am interested in the early coal industry of Swansea.