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Edwards Family of Morriston

Does anyone have a photograph the grocery shop run by the Edwards family in Granville House, Woodfield Street please?

John Aubrey Edwards, eldest son of Daniel Edwards, was my great grandfather and I understand that he managed the shop until his untimely death in 1888. I have been unable to find any photographs of shop or, indeed, of John Aubrey, his wife and children.

Many thanks

Re: Edwards Family of Morriston

Granville House looks like where the Parish hall used to be on Slater Street.Were there two?
I used to know an Edwards family and one of the sons was called Granville was that a coincidence.

Re: Edwards Family of Morriston

Granville House is on the corner of Upper Slate Street and Woodfield Street. Up until a couple of years ago it was a nursing home. I assume the shop part of it fronted onto Woodfield Street at street level as the nursing home was on the upper floors accessed via Slate Street.
The Parish Hall is on the corner of Glantawe Street and Lower Slate Street and is still in use as a community and resource centre.

Re: Edwards Family of Morriston

I can see now the two buildings have similar positions hence the confusion.There must be photos of that part of Woodfield St, although I only remember a decorators and cafe in the building. There seems to be an interesting old stone structure with arch at the back.

Good to hear the Parish Hall is in community use still it has some history too.

Jeff would it be possible to insert a "t" into the park memorial post header.

Re: Edwards Family of Morriston

Sorry Len, only able to delete entries not to edit them.

Re: Edwards Family of Morriston

I will have to live with my typo then! Jane got your mail there may be more to this topic than thought!!