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Tyrpenery Sunday School, Morriston.

I was recently sent some photographs of a Memorial Prayer Book, commemorating the centenary of Swansea Sunday Schools in July 1880, by a lady in California, USA. The inside page appears to be signed by my late Grandmother Margaret Rees, (1867 - 1934).I will try and post them here.

I've never heard of Tyrpenery in Morriston. Can anyone on here tell me where it is, and where the Sunday School attended there by my Grandmother might have been please?

Re: Tyrpenery Sunday School, Morriston.

Hello Isobel.

You can easily find Tirpenry Street by using Google Maps and just typing in the name of the road. It is about 150 metres south-east of Morriston Cross heading towards the River Tawe on Clase Road (A48), and at the junction of Tirpenry Street and Clase Road you will see Seion Newydd Chapel which is probably where the Sunday School your late grandmother would have attended.

Re: Tyrpenery Sunday School, Morriston.

Many Thanks Jeff. I'm not familiar with Swansea, and thought that Tyrpenry/Tirpenry was the name of a district rather than a road.

I gather that there was also a Sunday School in what is now Nixon Terrace as well?

I also thought that my Grandmother Margaret Rees's family were Methodists rather than Baptists... Certainly her father, Evan Rees was Baptised in the Weslyan Methodist Tabernacle Chapel in Morriston in 1836. I have his Baptismal Entry.