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Bath Avenue, Morriston

I have a facebook page and I have been messaged by a lady living in Glossop. I have pasted her message below. Would any of your members be able to help?

Hello, I wonder if you would help me please. My father lives in Bath Avenue, Morriston and has asked me if I can, via the internet, find out where the name Bath Avenue came from. He seems to think it has something to do with the construction of street where he lives having several cast iron baths buried under the surface of the road. I have tried several avenues (pardon the pun :)) of enquiry but cannot find anything that tells me whether that is in fact the case. I know this is a big ask but looking at your FB page makes me think you may know someone who could help me. I lived in Bath Avenue for 31 years until I moved but cannot say that I have heard anything about the naming of Bath Avenue. Thank you very much for reading this, Jules

Re: Bath Avenue, Morriston

Would like the story to be true ,like the steam train that was buried below the pitch at Wembley as they could not get it out.
The area of Cwm Bath was the site of an alum industry in the 18th and containers( baths) were used to separate the chemicals in the local shale . These are mentioned in "Copperopolis" as the possible root of the name for "Bath Lane" . It would be interesting to know if the relics of that industry are buried below the surface somewhere!

Re: Bath Avenue, Morriston

Just a follow up on your kind response to my query about Bath Avenue. I have passed your comments on to the lady who sent me the original question and she has arranged for the mobile library to take a copy of Copperopolis to her father with his next delivery of books. Thank you once again!