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Tircanol Terrace and the canal.

I don't know why this suddenly came to mind - but an aunt of mine lived at number 12 Tircanol Tce and I had two lovely cousins living (and still with us) there so I spent quite a bit of time down that end of Morriston - I lived in Plas y coed from the end of WW2 until my parents were allocated a council house in West Cross in the mid fifties. I can't find any archive photos of that eastern part of Morriston at the moment. There was a tinplate mill just up the road towards the town centre - Chemical Road is still there. But it seems Tircanol Tce is now just Clydach Rd - the house has been renumbered.

I remember the canal running along the bottom of the back garden. There was a post war scrap yard behind which even had weapons dumped there for melting down. I was thankfully never tempted to go in there and find stuff but quite a few of my friends did and came away even with bullets which they used to stick in a wall and hammer to explode them. And there was a hand operated bridge over the canal at the end of the terrace for small vehicles.

The name Tircanol still survives though.

Anyone around remember any of this? Oh and I remember a Temperance Hall at the other end of the terrace - the building seems to still be there - is this now residential or still in some sort of social/community or maybe office use?

My aunt was widowed sadly when the children were quite young - she later on got a sort of house work job at a doctor's family home near Morriston Cross and moved into a flat very near by - which I visited a few times - then she moved into a care home on Chemical Rd. I remember the doctor used to pass their children's clothing on to members of my extended family.