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Re: 219 to 231 Vicarage rd history sa66dx

Hi John, I think you’ll find that they’re numbered 219 to 229. I lived in 229 and we moved into the house in 1952 when they were new, I was 3 at the time. They are “Ted Morris” houses and were built to last ! The families living there at the start were 229 - Lewis, 227- Hughson, 225- Francis, 223- Matthews, 221 ?, 219- Atkins. The last of these families to leave was my mother in 2011 when she came to live nearer to us in Northamptonshire. We sold the house to Tim Atkins who was born at 219, and still owned the house but rented it out, as he did with 229. I have such fond memories of growing up there and for a large part having fields at the back we could play in, as long as the farmer didn’t catch you !

Alan Lewis