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For a number of years I wrote and replied to the thread MORRIS(T)ON PARK WAR MEMORIAL and having posted the 100th reply on the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War I had not intended to add any more.
From that thread a book was written which proved to be about more than I had posted on the thread. The book “Morriston It did its bit”was co authored by Philippa Grove and myself.
Philippa’s maiden name was Jones and she was the daughter of Major Philip Perkin Jones who as Secretary of the War Memorial Committee did much to secure Morriston’s own War Memorial. He had lived in Bath Road but moved elsewhere in Swansea. Philippa had therefore not lived in Morriston and when I first met her at the Park Memorial to work on research about it , she said she had not known about the Memorial nor had she ever visited the Park.
When we last met on 15 November 2018, again at the memorial on the 90th anniversary to the moment that the memorial had been unveiled in 1928 she was frail but determined to mark it. We talked about the people listed and both agreed that finding the unlisted and for their names to be read out on 100th anniversary (and the 90th at the park memorial) had made it all worth while doing. We laughed and discussed about some of the characters we had got to “know” when writing the book. She touched the names of the three Jenkins brothers, her great uncles , who were to fall and said how proud she was of her family’s part in the War and the memorial.

Philippa died on 14 January 2019 after a short illness. She passed in Morriston Hospital and her family’s private service was at Morriston Crem. She had been many things in her years but Morriston featured in her final acts. Philippa did her bit too