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Re: Morriston History

Just came across an article in the South Wales Daily Post for 22 August 1893 which reports on the Hanney Band with short biographies of five of the family members, starting with founder James from Marksbury near Bristol before moving to Morriston. George is described as the "best specimen of amateur conductors"!

The Hanney Band.

Hi Melanie.George was my great grandfather and Huzara Hanney known as Zara was my grandfather.The Hanney Family were originally from Somerset and settled in morriston where most of the men worked in the tin works in morriston .There is a book written about them with some lovely photos in.I think it was written by Andre Schofeld.Marjorie Uren has also written about the band.My grandfather was also part of the band and often used to perform in the grand theatre.He could play almost any instrument and was an artiste in his own right.Hope this information is helpful to you.Best wishes karen.