3 Para Palestine 1945-1948

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3 Para Palestine 1945-1948
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He's an Internet friend of mine, but I haven't heard from him for awhile. Is he okay? Please let me know if you'd heard from him. He once said that he lives in Leicester, England. He served with Lt. General Walsh, Sgt. Legg, and Lt. White.

John combines his love of history and poetry. Here's one of his poems:


Eleven years after world war two,
airborne troops were ask anew,
parachuting down on Egyption sand,
Major Walsh plays his hand.

With Pte.Eccles marking the spot,
control falls to the Majors plot,
two platoon with Coates in command,
attack a pillbox as was planned.

Clements fires a bazooka shot,
Egyption soldiers lose the plot,
hands up and out they show their face,
Binnsy marches them back to base,

Major Stevens and B coy’s men,
fall amidst a snipers den,
badly wounded in the hand,
the Major stays and keeps command.

Then they attack the sewage farm,
Cpl.Woods fall, causes alarm,
with Maj.Stevens wounded again,
Captain Beale takes the rein..

C coy.attack the cemetary then,
Major Norman and his men,
call, and get air support,
to halt the danger snipers thwart,

Pte Beech with bren in hand,
dispatches a soldier in the sand,
the Egyption's bazooka failed to fire,
soldiers remember to attach that wire.

To Hms. Albion, we send good cheer.
for sending us those crates of beer,
Hms.Bulwark played their part,
to quench our thirst then depart..

Waiting for commando men,
C coy. took the cemetary then,
advanced still further to the flats,
hencforth stopping sniper attacks.

B.coy. then moved into the flats,
c.coy.then the barracks attacked,
the barracks fell with great success,
c.coy. occupied the officers mess.

A military success draws to a close,
but lets not forget those we opposed,
men on both sides were very brave,
in britains small heroes are made.

JB. A coy.3 para.group

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