3 Para Palestine 1945-1948

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3 Para Palestine 1945-1948
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Anyone know William (Bill) Morris

Looking for old pals or information on William (Bill) Morris. He served with the regiment in Palestine after being drafted from Ulster Rifles? as part of the back fill for losses due to Operation Market Garden.
When speaking to him he has mentioned playing basketball, driving NCO's and officers around in his Willys Army Jeep that had an embroidered sign with my Mums name on, Betty. He also mentioned teaching others to drive on the airstrip and watching with some amusement when he unclipped the steering wheel and handing it over to the passengers!!

Also spoke about the day when the football team got ambushed and sentry duty when the Arabs would steal anything that wasn’t locked down. Mentioned as well that he got promoted to Lance Corporal and was busted the same day for speeding, he was celebrating being promoted!

My Dad was born in Canning Town, London, but got bombed out and moved to Leicester with his family before joining the Army and serving on the Ack-Ack batteries on the Kent coast with his father. He then went through different Infantry regiments before joining the Para’s.

If anyone remembers him any has any stories then please get in touch. When is the next veterans meeting as I would love to take him along.

Please get in touch, regards and thanks from Ted Morris.

Who do you wish to contact ? Anyone who remembers my Dad

Other comments Served in Palestine, acted as a driver, played basketball and was briefly a Lanc Jack before being busted