3 Para Palestine 1945-1948

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3 Para Palestine 1945-1948
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WO1(RSM)Joel MBE.MM 3 Para RSM 1959 to 52

Hi Guys,I was CSM A Coy 3 Para 75-78 but i am trying to get a picture of RSM Joel,you may or may not know that the current Battalion Sgts mess is collecting the pictures of ALL 3 Para RSMs and the only one they have not got is RSM Joel MBE.MM who was RSM from 1950 to 52.I just wondered if he served with any of your members,if so it might be that one or more might have a picture of him that could be copied for the current serving lads to use in thier display,if so it would be very much appreciated.
I thank you in advance.
Tug Wilson 3 Para 1959 to 87.

Who do you wish to contact ? Anyone with a picture of WO1(RSM)Joel MBE.MM