3 Para Palestine 1945-1948

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3 Para Palestine 1945-1948
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Private William Atherton RASC

My dad was in Palestine from August 1945 to late 1946 when he was demobbed. He was a driver/mechanic in the RASC and drove a truck on a regular route between Jerusalem and Ismailia.

He was a tiny man from south Lancashire. He was very reluctant to tell me much about it and now he has gone. He flew from England on a Liberator bomber following 11 days leave between the invasion of Europe and his posting in Burma. In the end he stopped in Jerusalem after the Japanese surrendered.

I know just a little of the conditions: the heat, the disease and the flies. I am reading the history of the politics and terrorism.

I hope to write a novel about his war time experiences so any one who knew him or the circumstances at the time would be a great contact. I look forward to hearing from some one

Who do you wish to contact ? Any one who knew William Atherton

Re: Private William Atherton RASC


My dad was also RASC, but after the time your dad was there. I just thought i'd email you to see if you found anything out and could pass any leads on.


Who do you wish to contact ? anyone from RASC/17th Field Ambulance