3 Para Palestine 1945-1948

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3 Para Palestine 1945-1948
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Ken (Taff) Gilson his great grandson want to know what he was like.


I am looking up my granddad's past life as he never really talked about it when he was alive, I want to honor him in so many ways but I believe this would be a fitting tribute. All I know is that he was in 3 para, served in Palestine were he married my Nan, in 1946 or 47? His name was Kenneth Fredrick Gilson born in South Wales and was affectionately known as Taff. Please can you ask if any of your members know of him or even have a picture or 2 so I can show his grandson who is missing his granddad badly.

Best regards and many thanks in advance.

Shane Gilson - very proud son of Ken (Taff) Gilson

Who do you wish to contact ? Anybody who knew my granddad