3 Para Palestine 1945-1948

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3 Para Palestine 1945-1948
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Mr Alfred George wicks

My dad Alfred George wicks served out in Palestine with 3rd Paratroop regiment. He has just turn 92 years old. He is in good health. And lives in Essex. And we are so proud of him

Re: Mr Alfred George wicks

Hi Alan,
I was also serving with the 3rd Battalion in Palestine during the period 1945-48 and I built this website in 2002 in the hope of tracing some of my old comrades.
If you will email me with details of any army friends which your father wishes to contact I will see if they appear in my records. Obviously I will also need to know which company he was in and when he embarked for Palestine

Who do you wish to contact ? Alan Wicks

Re: Mr Alfred George wicks

Thank you for come in back to me wattie. I will see mydad this weekend. And will ask him if he as a few names. And the information you have ask for. Many thanks Alan

Re: Mr Alfred George wicks

I would like to interview veterans who were in Palestine for a documentary film.
Can you please help me
Yigal Pomerantz

Who do you wish to contact ? Any member that served in Palestine during1940-1948 for a documentary film

Other comments My contact info:. yigalpom@yahoo.com