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The Banatabar is for you to ask questions or make comments about Gambia. Others can read your contributions and reply or leave their own ideas

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The GTS BantaBar
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Re: Reisgenoot gezocht

yes definately

Re: Reisgenoot gezocht

could anyone translate this to english, they maybe more who could help or add there thoughts,
if possible please thankyou

Re: Reisgenoot gezocht

this man is looking for a travel companion, he is traveling to the Gambia from Belgium the end of august beginning of september, and wants someone to join him at least until Dakar or until Banjul. The trip will be free of charge only you have to pay your hotel expenses and food and drinks, you can write him on he is possibly posting his message here because the Belgium Gambia forum is down and he appears not to know the biggest Gambia forum with hundreds of readers in holland at
if you want to read a foreign forum but you don,t master the language you could use google translate, this program translates words , texts and even whole internetpages remarkebly well
roger sterk

Re: Reisgenoot gezocht

Thankyou so much for translating the above, I cannot help, but maybe others would be interested, thanks again