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Re: GTS Kololi 2011

Hi Francis,
good to hear from you. Actually though time was short and reason was sad, I took the chance to dine at GTS Restaurant when I was there in December. I had a very heartful and warm reception by Lamin and a wonderful dinner. I met your son there also, but couldn't make it to Kololi to greet you personally.

If it may help, I try to leave a note at trip advisor. It was my late husband who introduced GTS Restaurant to me, and any time we were in the Gambia we never failed to dine there. This place is full of memories for me now.


GTS Kololi 2011

Hi Francis,
Still stuck here in UK, since Feb 2010. Didn't realise you had passed the Bar over, been putting stuff on Tripadvisor regulary when people ask about Bars and Accomodation.
What's Adam doing now..?
Was nice to see You, Filly and Dad when I came with Fay.
Nice meal had there..
Keep up the good work, hope to get back sometime, still waiting for Pension mob to give me Money..