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Re: Boats for sale!

Get real !!
Are you sure that you have a licence for the whole continent of Africa to sell the boats. If so it must have cost you many millions of Uk £.
I think that you may have ether been blustered or that you are trying to dumpster us.

Re: Boats for sale!

Well, if that is what you think it is, then let it be..
But, these is a true thing, and not me have the license, but my partner who sales these Boats has the License to sell worldwide..

Re: Boats for sale!

This is wonderful news to be sure. I am wanting to by many for my people to by.

Howw much will it be costing for many boats 10 and when can money be sending.

I am in Nigeria now and if you are sending your bank details i will western union the bank transfer to you credit.

you can send me back the money from your bank account soon.

email me your bank account so the transfer can begin.

Re: Boats for sale!

Hi Dawda.

I am very happy for you that some one is interested in your boats, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not send any one your bank acount details untill you know them better. As i say I hope it all workes out for you but again PLEASE be very carfull.

Re: Boats for sale!

I haven't written in yonks. But this has made my day! Very funny indeed!! Ian you don't seriously believe that this "Jonathan" or whatever is for real?

Re: Boats for sale!

Hi RS.
No I dont believe they are for real. But I do believe that they think they are for real.

Re: Boats for sale!

Hi to you Dawda man.

Me I to wont to by many bots from u. Me and me friend want dig big hole and fill it with water to make many boats go on. Cood u giv us plenty mony sow we can dig hole len we will by boats of u. this is good plan so I give u me bank number and you send me mony len when hol digged an fill with water we by many boats from u.

Re: Boats for sale!

Hi Boubacur Lamin.

I have a hole in my garden that I do not want. If you would like it to help start your boating business I am happy for you to collect it free of charge.

Re: Boats for sale!

to mr ian man

Me and mes biznez partnr think u is not a nice man u make funny ov us about wes bizniz plan

We are boof of us big bizeniz men in de gambia. me frend he sel de sunglass and de woches and me me got meny wite womens from egonland and jermony and kandiniver hoo cend me munny each munth

It not posibul 2 move de hole from one plase 2 a diferant plase and even if me and mes partnr kud the hole u hav ma b 2 small and wes kud not get de hole it on de plane.

Re: Boats for sale!

naw thinkss yau taakin th lamin orr eez itt the michael oot offf

Re: Boats for sale!

There's a hole in my bucket dear Lamin, dear Dawda, dear Ian, there's a hole in my bucket da di dam di da.

Anyway, this story has run it's course now me thinks and congratulations for distorting a language. Can't have been easy, but very funny nevertheless.
Pity this forum has gone to sleep. Used to be quite fun years ago. Anybody interested in resurecting it?

Re: Boats for sale!

After 10 times to the Gambia - gambia has run its course for us

Re: Boats for sale!

any particular reason for not going back peter or is it just time for pastures new

Re: Boats for sale!

I reckon I have been about 30 times in the last 11 years. The last couple of years each time I have been I have said "never again, this is the last time"! Still, I go back. God knows why. Seem to have a love/hate relationship with the place.
It's safe, it's familiar, weather guaranteed and it's still cheap.

Re: Boats for sale!

Likewisw love / hate relationship. Just can't be bothered with the hazzle anymore.

Re: Boats for sale!

Loved this thread - sorry I have been off line so long been busy raising the pheonix of GTS after the last 'Gambian' set back.

But never seem to get REALLY sick of the place, there are a few characters who have really tried my patience (to be as polite as possible what I'd like to say about them would get the site closed down for ever.

Still busy after leaving GETS - to see what we are doing at GTS Kololi follow this link to us on trip adviser

Don't know how to make it a hyper link within the Banta Ba - maybe someone clever can let me know - anyway if you have problems email me and I'll send you the link by return.