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The Banatabar is for you to ask questions or make comments about Gambia. Others can read your contributions and reply or leave their own ideas

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Re: Boats for sale!

I reckon I have been about 30 times in the last 11 years. The last couple of years each time I have been I have said "never again, this is the last time"! Still, I go back. God knows why. Seem to have a love/hate relationship with the place.
It's safe, it's familiar, weather guaranteed and it's still cheap.

Re: Boats for sale!

Likewisw love / hate relationship. Just can't be bothered with the hazzle anymore.

Re: Boats for sale!

Loved this thread - sorry I have been off line so long been busy raising the pheonix of GTS after the last 'Gambian' set back.

But never seem to get REALLY sick of the place, there are a few characters who have really tried my patience (to be as polite as possible what I'd like to say about them would get the site closed down for ever.

Still busy after leaving GETS - to see what we are doing at GTS Kololi follow this link to us on trip adviser

Don't know how to make it a hyper link within the Banta Ba - maybe someone clever can let me know - anyway if you have problems email me and I'll send you the link by return.