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Re: GTS Potato Project. Why do we bother?????

Thanks Ian

A great posting, with the new Eco project at Jenu Kunda I think this work will at last have a proper outlet in The Gambia.

Along with the sawdust toilets and composting we hope to show the massive difference that can be made in crop yields and the Potato project is crucial to this.

All along we have said that talking is fine and can we inspirational but seeing is believing - we are so looking forward to the September results and to your visit in March.

I have a graduate who hopes to come out for a year to do work at Jenu Kunda on the local plant and tree species as well as the multitude of wild-life forms that inhabit every square metre of the land in Gambia.

Thanks for the info on 'Holiday Hijack' No one from the show contacted us but then the GTS site has so badly suffered from me being unable to up date it for several years - we are despairing of getting it back in order to reflect what we have been so busy doing for the last 3 years.

But I hope is helping to keep 'GTS Kololi Lodge' alive on the web - so far during 2011 we have had 20 or so reviews from a wide range of tourists, volunteers and people staying for longer term visits with us and their feedback has been really encouraging.

I am almost recovered from the events of a couple of years back and I think GTS is rising again from those difficult times.