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The GTS BantaBar
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Holiday Hijack in The Gambia

I was delighted to hear from a viewer that GTS was praised as Eco friendly and that the website was quoted for people to contact us.

SORRY that the site looks so neglected BUT we are actually busier than ever doing things out here in Gambia but for almost two years I have been unable to connect with the site because of problems paying our internet hosts from Gambia - even here in the UK I am still having problems.

BUT we are still operating on all the GTS fronts

Currently we are developing an Eco site about 50km up river, we have done the initial land clearance and stage one building - next will be fresh water, a salt water swimming pool and the first round houses. We hope that visitors will be happy to stay at this new venue - we hope people will feel at home there BUT in a totally new environment so they experience a very different holiday experience of the 3rd World.

Still running :. . . .

GTS Kololi - The Lodge opened in January 2010, it is now run totally by Gambian colleagues, but we are still there helping in any and all ways that we can. There will soon be 10 rooms available for Tourists, Volunteers or long stay Guests. Many rooms have optional hot water and metered A/C so visitors only pay for the units of power they you use - NAWEC permitting

GTS Kololi - The Restaurant is very different from the Senegambia restaurant and bar. We have a quiet venue with no loud music - catering for 12/15 guests at a time - "Fresh Food not Fast Food" is the slogan, but we have a roof top gallery where waiting customers can have drinks and order in a relaxed way and get shown to their table when it is available.
We have had really positive feed back about the venue and the food and the prices - so hopefully you will give it a try when you are next in Gambia.

GTS - In Senegambia almost opposite Holiday Beach Club the Bar and Restaurant still gets a full house in the evenings and Adam has also developed it into a late night bar which has become very popular from midnight to 5 or even 6 in the mornings. A very lively night-time venue really giving the flavour of how Gambia comes alive late in the evenings.

Please contact us about any aspect of GTS on or . . .
by text to 002207922362 from 16th August 2011

Enjoy the old GTS site - a great deal is still very relevant especially if you are new to Gambia, we still feel the site encapsulates the feel and mood of Gambian diversity - The new GTS Kololi site will appear sometime - infact why not volunteer for a few months and work on it in Gambia for us.