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I went to visit both Lower and Upper Slaughter on Friday 7th August whilst staying in the Cotswolds. Lower Slaughter was wonderful and my friend and I had a lovely walk around the village. We had to park on the side of the road along with several other cars as there were no parking facilities. In Upper Slaughter we had the same problem. I drove right through the village and back before parking behind 3 other cars. As I got out to have a wander through the village, I was “greeted” by a young blonde “lady” whi was either going running or coming back from running with the words “seriously Ladies you are really going to park there? If a fire engine needs to get through.......” my reply was and are you going to stand there and say that to these other cars who are all doing the same as me. I am a 66 year old who does not usually argue with people but just the way she greeted us was obnoxious. I actually was quite rude back which I am not normally but she was not a nice person. I was so upset by the encounter that I did not visit the village, I got in the car and went elsewhere. If you want people like me to visit your villages and spend our money in your shop/pub/cafe, please help us to do so by a) not being obnoxious and b) giving us somewhere to park where we don’t offend residents.

Likewise, if your residents don’t like tourists doing touristy things, please move to somewhere else.


Hi Diana,

The Cotswolds have many beautiful villages and do attract their fare of tourists. Bearing in mind that the scenic cottages do have residents who must get a little infuriated, especially at peak tourist times, in having streams of people lingering in and around their village.

Creating car parks can never be the solution as this would spoil the ancient character of the village. So at best we have limited roadside parking, which is inadequate during peak times.

In many of the villages there is either a nearby hotel or Inn and calling in there for say coffee or other beverage/food would assure you of a parking space to allow for time to explore.

The larger villages and towns generally have plenty of car park.

If roadsides are free of no parking (no yellow kerbside lines) then that is ok and will allow room for Fire Appliances to pass unhindered.

In summary the tiny villages will generally have some parking problems the larger tourist Hot Spot villages will have adequate purpose made visitor car parking.

Most residents in touristry Cotswold villages do understand the need to accommodate visitors and most will have a welcome smile.

Richard Pinder


Message for Richard Pinder. Thank you for your reply. If you are good enough to reply to me please have the courtesy to address me with the correct spelling of my name.


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