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The Banatabar is for you to ask questions or make comments about Gambia. Others can read your contributions and reply or leave their own ideas

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Re: Re: Schools are obviously back ....

i think ya get 2 a certain age and those afternoon naps seem more appealing u can see education wasnt big in their home!

Skoooooooools not bac 4 another day so me and ma crew have snuck in da big bosses office to have sum fun on his pooooter its banging dread...Sorry was just satisfy Jackies schoolground fantasies blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Re: Re: Schools are obviously back .... - by Jackie - Jan 6, 2009 10:21am
Bob the .....????? - by Jackie - Jan 7, 2009 1:40pm
Re: Bob the .....????? - by bob - Jan 7, 2009 4:07pm
Re: Re: Bob the .....????? - by bob - Jan 7, 2009 4:13pm
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